Hiring for Startups

“I hire people better than me and get out of the way.” 

Lee Iacocca

Sounds simple , infact sounds astounding , here is one of the leading business icons of his time Lee Iacocca speaking about hiring people better than him.

Tough act to follow. Not sure if Lee himself lived this insight all the time.

But hiring is a challenging activity especially so if you are a cash starved , boot strapped start-up.

Why should anyone join you? Why should anyone believe in your perspective of the world. Your view, your perspective matters because – the usual reasons why people take up jobs, fat salary, status, job security etc do not apply in a start-up.

The only reason a professional lets go of his need for status, financial freedom, job security etc is if he sees a clear path to make a difference to the lives of people a meaningful contribution. And yes there is the treasure at the end of the rain bow.

So as Simon Sinek says it is important to start with Why.



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